HD Project Survival - survival game

How to survive attacks from a dangerous world with wild animals and zombie apocalypse?
Try to stay alive and survive as long as you can in this game! You will control the character by yourself who is struggling in life for survival. You would have been through all the difficulties and challenges such as finding food, water and so on while always staying alert to keep yourself safe from harm or dangers.
Instructions for survivors:
You are the one to choose your path in this survival game to against army, dangerous animals, other survivors and even walking dead zombies. They could appear everywhere and anytime. Moreover, you would have a pet (dog) to go along with. Besides, you could protect and save other survivors to strive to survive together.
+ To discover new lands where a lot of zombies and dangerous animals live at
+ Finding natural resources and necessary items/tools in variable places to build your own weapons
+ Together with A.I characters to accompany, fight and stay alive
+ Be careful of your health, hunger and thirst level -> prevent blood loss
+ Avoid being infected and turning into a zombie by the zombie virus
+ No in-app purchase

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